Turn your frown upside down, Bad days gone good!

We all have bad days, sometimes even a bad week.  The good thing is that we control our own moods!  So if you’re feeling down, or having a blue Monday, here are a few ways to add some sunshine to your smile!


1.  Find something to laugh about – It can be your favorite comedian, a TV show, a funny picture, or even a call to a friend who always makes you laugh.

2.  Sing and Dance – Put on a tune that’s lively, perhaps even a little crazy. Sing and dance.  (Come on, everyone has that secret, embarrassing song hidden on their player that you secretly love, but won’t ever tell anyone!)   Whip it out and be a little crazy!

3.  Do something kind for someone, for no reason. – You’ll feel good about yourself, and you would have brightened someone elses day.

4. Do something kind for yourself, for no reason – Be good to yourself, treat yourself to something small.  A chocolate, a massage, a great meal, whatever works for you.

5. Sweat it out – Working out releases endorphins!  You are bound to feel much better after your choice of exercise.

6.  Meditate – Take some time to meditate on things that make you happy.  Even the smallest things can bring you joy, wether it be the smell of fresh grass or talking to someone you love.

7.  Appreciate nature – go outdoors and enjoy the beauty of nature.  You’ll realize that you are smaller than nature, and so are your problems.  Plus the fresh air will re-energize you.

8. De-clutter your environment – if you’re at work, tidy your desk.  If you’re at home, make the bed, wash the dishes. De-cluttering your environment will de-clutter your mind and enable you to think more clearly.

9.  Think about things you are thankful for, the people in your life, your career, anything that you are grateful for.

10.  Turn off the electronics for a while!  Spending too much time online, surfing, chatting, or just ummmmmm, doing nothing leads us to be inactive.  Get out, take a walk, do something other than just sitting there!

11. Sit quietly for a few minutes in a sunny or warm spot and remember why YOU’RE SO AWESOME!




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